Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Soaps to Chat About

Hello Everyone!!  It is late evening and I am reflecting over the past few days.  I get to share with you my latest achievements in soap making.  I ordered some new scents to try and, see how they do.  I have suppliers I am grounded to and feel that the company truly is all that it can be, at least for me.  I am speaking of Aroma Haven or http://www.rusticescentuals.com.  I love this company and I won't sway too far from them. 

I also have been looking around at some new companies to try.  Maybe not so new in the fact that they just started up, but my meaning is that they are new to me.  I have been pleased with some new fragrances I bought and tried.  I also love Natures Garden, I buy some things from them that I cannot get at Aroma Haven.  I also buy from Brambleberry too so it really depends on what I need.  Again the majority of my scents do come from Aroma Haven.  I have 3 new suppliers to place on my list.  These companies have fragrances that are not offered on the bigger suppliers websites.  So I am happy to support some new compaines. 

I made 10 soap loaves. And I will be listing them soon on my artfire shop:
http://www.threesisterssoap.artfire.com   I will let them cure for about 2 weeks and the buyer will have to let them finish curing after purchase. I will put a ready to use "by" date on the package.
And I only had trouble with one fragrance oil, which I will explain later on as I talk about the various scents/soaps I made. 
I am more into the girly girl scents and for one reason only.  WE all know how expensive colognes, perfumes, and body sprays can be on the market.  Yes I understand if you want to smell pretty with designer scents you will pay a hefty price for them.  Which that is to everyones descretion.  So the designer dupes really appeal to me.  And I usually go for the tried and true scents and ones that have been out there for a very long time.  Plus I love the pretty sexy scents that just make you feel good to use in the shower.  I have been fortunate with the scents I currently have and feel that they are all worth a try.  I never ever soap a scent I do not like.  I just won't do it.  So I have reason to believe that if I think they are special then most other women will too. 

I have these small molds that I use when I do a trial on new fragrances.  If all goes well, I can move on to either making a larger batch by ordering more fragrance to work with.  When I am not sure about a scent I may order only a one ounce size and work with this to see how it turns out.  If I really like the scent I may go back and order a larger bottle. 

On the subject of the smaller molds I use.  I actually have 2 varieties to choose from.  The reason I really like using the smaller molds is:  I can make a bar of soap that is not too wide, that fits right into your hand without cutting the soap in half to use.  I have no problem with larger soap size, but I really don't like to cut them down to fit in my hand to use.  That is just me.  So I am trying to work with a size of soap that does not have to be cut to fit.  And also needs mentioning is that the soap is still at a good 5++ ounce size.    

So with all that in mind and thinking about the whole process I must say I was really lucky that all worked out.  Of course I mentioned the one fragrance that gave me some trouble, but it did work out and turned out to be a really nice soap.  Funny how things go like that when your not sure?  My daughter who is 28 years old, told me that she liked the one called Water the best, and this is the one that gave me the fits.  It wanted to rice on me and I just kept mixing it with the stick blender and it finally came around.  I used two colors medium blue and a lighter blue.  It was at a real thick trace and I was glopping it in the mold.  I kept thinking please turn out.  I am only going to say that the soap looked beautiful at the finished stage.  Unmolding will be tomorrow....I hope all goes well.  Lets just say more than not, I get into soaping, I get lost in what I am doing, and I just can't seem to stop.  Besides my sewing these two crafts: sewing & soaping seems to put me at ease, relax me, and frankly makes me happy.  And they have to be the two crafts that take on the most concentration.

So here is the final soaps I made and I don't profess to be a great photographer by any means, I hope the photo's I have chosen gives my work the justice it deserves.  Another note I had just cut them and posted the photo's so the soap has not been cleaned up yet.  Please keep this in mind as you view the photo's.

The soap below is called Black Vanilla.  I wanted to try this scent since I was curious as to what it smell like?  Beautiful and perfect for a Unisex scent.  I did add some vanilla seeds in the soap.  Which does nothing as far as exfoliating but it does give it more vanilla scent to the soap.  Plus it just felt right adding it. Here is a description of Black Vanilla:

Dark Madagascar Vanilla Beans enhanced with hints of Tonka beans and a touch of East India Patchouli. If you're looking for a vanilla with exotic appeal, this is the one for you.

The next soap I did is called Vanilla Bean.  This is a another wonderful scent.  If you have not tried this one you really need to!  Scent description:

The yummiest vanilla fragrance oil you can imagine. Very popular fragrance! Rich and smooth, very warm.

I ordered a scent that I really love I call this one Woodstock 1969.  I was only 8 years old during that time of Woodstock.  Scent description:

The ultimate hippie fragrance blend! A rich, beautiful blend, with an earthy hint of patchouli and sweet smell of nag champa. Very popular for those who love a earth scent!  This is not a over powering in your face kind of scent.  It is a perfect blend and also considered Unisex.

The next soap I made is called Got Milk?  Now this is a sweet scent and described as:

Just love at first sniff; this fragrance can be easily one the best comforting fragrances in the market. This sophisticated milky fragrance is a wonderful combination of sweet and creamy fresh milk notes, wrapped in fluffy clouds of delicate powdery notes with a warm soft background of pristine florals and sweet buttery musks, just heavenly!  All the nice sweet cream notes of the fragrance stay in the soap perfectly and discolors only to a creamy light tan.  So I expect this soap to darken just a little.  I did swirl in some white in the natural soap base to try and give it a creamy color.  So hopefully this will work?

This next soap is one of my best sellers.  I cannot keep this in stock!!  I've ordered other Oatmeal Milk & Honey scents and they sit in my fragrance cabinet because they just don't live up to the perfect fragrance I have found and exclusively use

Blended with utmost care, this is the perfect melding of three fabulous scents. Sweet and toasty, this is one soap that you'll want to take a bite out of! Discolors to light tan.  And yes this scent has a sweetness to it.  In just the right amount.  I used some cocoa to make the dark line across the soap.  And I added a cinnamon stick for contrast. 

This next soap is called Fresh Cut Grass.  And OMG is it wonderful!!  I doubt I ever let my stock on this fragrance run low.  I am that serious about this scent! 

Fresh, green, and summery. The scent of a newly mown lawn.  A very Unisex scent!!  I used some dried dandelion leaves (yes it is perfectly fine to do)!!  So these little green specks just make the soap pop even more.  This is just a nice perfect blend of scent. 

I am pretty sure I will be harvesting more dandelion leaves from my yard while they are here.  I don't want to change the look of this soap in anyway and feel that everything that is green will go into this soap. 

So at this point we got through the Got Milk? soap, and the Fresh Green Grass soap, I now want to introduce the Water soap:

The clean, fresh scent of a cool mountain stream. A rich clean scent. I am so glad I took a chance on this fragrance. Well worth it.    I used two different blues and wanted to display a look of water in a deep blue kind of way.  Another Unisex scent that anyone would enjoy.

Here is Mambo for Men:

An up-tempo twist of Bergamot and zesty lime, Mediterranean herbs and spices that raises the pulse and turns up the heat! A festive tandem of French Clary sage and thyme is embraced by exotic masculine florals and an ultra-sensual fusion of cinnamon leaf, cumin and heart of Cedarwood. The soul of the fragrance is a rhythmic blend of lusty patchouli, addictive musks, irresistible Sandalwood and spirited Fir Balsam.

THIS IS A OMG SCENT IF I EVER SMELLED ONE (for men).  This is a Liz Claiborne designer fragrance dupe, what can I say but SEXY!!!

Lemon Sugar & Candied Violets-Amazing! This scent is gorgeous! It is true to it’s name! Hint of lemon sugar with sweet, sticky notes of candied violets. This scent has just a touch of perfume to give it an added “upscale” note. Beautiful for the summer months.                

I had heard of other soapers using this scent and highly recommended it.
Unfortunately the supplier has decided to discontinue this fragrance for some reason and I grabbed a 16 oz bottle of it while I could.  I have to say this is a refreshing scent and so beautiful for summer.  I will continue to make this soap and offer this.  If you have not tried this, you won't be disappointed at all!!

I used a light blue color to swirl in the yellow base of the soap and made some lemon imbeds to put on top.  Not every piece will have that lemon slice showing but still it is unique and sweet.  I sprinkled on the top some Sparkling Sugar and Micro Mixed Sprinkles and cosmetic glitter. I love this scent!!  And the way the soap turned out.  Just a fun soap. 

Too bad I won't be able to offer this once the fragrance oil is all gone!

Twilight Dream
A wonderfully fresh aromatic blend of lavender, spruce and cedar enhanced by a citrus bouquet of lemon lime with a dry down of patchouli, sandalwood and oakmoss.

"Lavender shadows creep across the sky, a touch of woody smoke hanging in the air. The last rays of the sun fade into dusk as you breathe deeply the sultry scent that is...TWILIGHT DREAM".

This was the last soap I made and I had all these left over colors that I mixed up so I used them all and this is my idea of Twilight:  A Unisex Soap

Comments are always welcome and I hope you enjoyed this blog on my recent soaps. 
Take care and God Bless

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