Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pink Sugar Cupcake Soap

Today I am busy soaping for a Christmas order.  I have the privilege of knowing such a wonderfully sweet lady at the VA (Veterans Administration), her name is Jackie.  She has been my nurse for 3 years now.  She wanted some various soaps for her family for Christmas.  And the thing I love about Jackie is she embraces the cupcake soaps. 

I have gotten so many mixed response from people when they first encounter a cupcake soap.  They don't see past the shape and form.  I keep letting potential customers know all you have to do is cut the cupcake in half vertically and have two soap halves.  But I guess they still can't get past the shape.  There is an explosion of cupcake soaps everywhere on the internet.  And I feel if you have not tried at least one, not only are you missing out on a fun soap, but it really does work very well in your hand. 

FYI for those who do not know, you place the outside of the cupcake in your palm, and the flat cut side is what you use against the skin.  There is nothing hard with this shape.  What is hard is getting people (mostly those who don't fair well to new things) to try them.  My online customers understand this fad, and they love buying them.

In fact it does feel better to hold than a bulky bar of soap.  Since we soap makers do make all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Cupcake soaps are not any different to use.

I am posting all my new soaps as I go along.  I just unmolded the Pink Sugar Cupcake soap.  Here is a few photo's while still in the box and curing ( I took this photo right after they were made).  Cupcake liners are still on during photo.

The colors will be a very rich dark brown with pink staying this color.

Just another view.  These turned out pretty nice I just can't wait for the dark brown to finally get here!! 

I plan to use my resources here too and put them on facebook, on a local page for our town.  I would like to introduce the soap to the folks in my community.  I think the young ladies will like them, and hopefully I can get some feedback as to what scents they like so that I can get a feel for the potential customers in my town. 

With making handmade soap it is an on going part (of our job), to educate people about how much handmade soap is so much better than the soap they buy or the body wash they buy in the store.  If you buy a "body wash" due to the smell or scent alone, then your driven by a scent you like.  The manufactureres cannot possibly do as many scents as your local soap maker can and will do.  And with the opportunity to make bath and body products you might be surprised that you can get just about any scent that you love and not settle for what is already out there. 

Now I was a big Bath and Body Works lover too.  But I got tired of paying their prices.  Sure they can run some really good sales, but when items don't move out as quickly you will see specials going on.  Or they will discontinue a certain scent.  Much to your surprise we soap makers can still get the duplication of oils and continue where they left off.   So you don't have to give up a scent you love.  

The only thing I do not like about Bath and Body Works is a lack of soap choice, they sell only glycerin soap.  I am not a glycerin soap user and will always lean towards Cold Process hand made soap.  But that is my opinion.  I can make glycerin soap but find no challenge in it, for me.  I see other soap makers and this is their soap making method and they make beautiful soap, but I personally don't do this type of soap.  Not bashing anyone who makes soap, we all have our own way of doing things.   

So now back to why I wrote this little blog, first is to say Thank You to Jackie and she is such a sweet loving spirit.  I am so glad I know her, she makes me smile.  She is the type of person to me, like someone I've always known.  We all get this from certain people so I am sure you can relate to this comment. 

And for those ladies who got to this blog (from our local facebook community page), if you have any questions please email me I can answer any questions you may have.  I will be doing many craft fairs in 2013 and I will have my new website up and running by the Spring of 2013.  There is so many fun things coming besides soap.  Feel free to follow my blog by subscribing.  I can do special orders, wedding favors, baby shower favors, fun soaps for kids, etc...

Well it is time to move to the next soaping adventure.  Just wanted to give a little talk about Cupcake soaps.  Until next time....