Thursday, January 17, 2013

Candle Making.....

I did a little playing around the other day.  I had gotten more of my soy wax in from my supplier.  I decided to try out one of my soap molds to make some candles with.  The wicks I had ordered along with my wax was very short.  Which surprised me since I didn't think it would be that short. 

I took a gamble and decided to use them and here is a photo of my wax cake slices still in the mold. 

Somewhat looks like a blob but after removing and cleaning them up, they did turn out to look like a cake slice.  I layered the scents from the bottom up I used:
Pink Sugar, Pink Grapefruit, Serendipity, and Got Milk for the topping.  Then I added some little embeds which are Serendipity, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Lemon Sugar Candied Violets. 

Here is some other photo's after the clean up:

I would like to also say that these scents I picked are not in your face strong.  They are just a perfect blend of soft, sweet, perfumey, that tends to lean towards girly girl.  I did scent my wax to the maximum amount allowed, but again some fragrances are light no matter what you do.  I think they are fun and would make a nice piece to display for that perfect shabby chic look.  The wicks as I mentioned above they came out to be exactly 1/4 inch on the candle so no trimming is needed.  Next time I will take a closer look at those wicks before I order them.  I thought mine would come 6" long so it was a surprise to me.  Live and learn??

I did make a few jar candles. I made 4 and I am burning or testing one and figured out that I might have been better off to use two wicks in the jars too.  It is burning a 2" circle straight down leaving about 1/2" around the edges.  Which for me it won't matter since I have one of those coffee warmer type of burner, which I use to place a candle jar on when I don't want to use a flame.  So I can put my jar on this to get all the wax used up.  Some people would not have one of these so their choice could be to spoon out an amount and just place in a tart burner. 

The scents I used in this jar candle are:
Cashmere, Serendipity, Got Milk, and have embeds of Pink Grapefruit, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Lemon Sugar Candied Violets.  It just makes a nice sweet scent.  I didn't really plan on using these jars for candles but they are what I had on hand so I went with it.  I think these scents would be nice in a bathroom or a bedroom.  Here is a few photos of the candle in progress:

The Photo above is after the candles were made I had not cleaned up the sides yet.  Still in it's rough form.

So this was my project the other day.  I am not sure if I will continue to make any candles or not.  I do like working with wax.  My thing is I would rather make my own tarts and such and use scents that I want opposed to going out and buying a premade candle or tarts.  That is just me.  The procedure is time consuming and it takes awhile to get through a wax project but for me this is how it's always been.  I make things that I want.  I've never been the type to just go out and buy if I can make it myself.  I tend to take the hard road sometimes.  Which for me is just fine.

I hope you liked this little blog on my candle making.  I did make 50 tarts the other day but these are going into a shop downtown so I didn't see the need to bring them into the blog.

Well this is all I have for now.  Today I might be getting busy again and making soap.  There is a craft show coming up in March and I still can't decide if I want to do it or not.  But I can at least make some new soaps just in case. 

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope everyone is having a great 2013 so far. 

Until next time.....Hugs  Debby