Monday, March 17, 2014

Various Soap I've made

I am going to start posting photo's of my soap.  I will just delete them out of my pictures and put them here on my blog.  So this will be an ongoing entry.  I apologize if this seems boring but I do need to clear up some space on my computer with my pictures.  I cetainly don't have every photo available to show on what I have created in the past.  But going forward I am going to keep an ongoing record of what I have made.  Just in case I need to duplicate a soap.

Pink Sugar Cupcake Soap:

Just made:

Badedas Cupcake Soap: 

 Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie Soap:

 A World in a Box Limited Edition Soap Project:  Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Special Order from a Church Got Milk? scent:

Bubble Gum Soap:

Mini Bubble Gum Soap:

Lush Dupe: Porridge Handmade Soap:

Lush Dupe Mini Soap Bars:

Lush Dupe:  Snow Fairy Soap Bar:

Blue Raspberry Mini Soap Bars:

Lush Dupe:  Honey I Washed The Kids:

Lush Dupe: Olive Branch:

Victoria Secrets:  Very Sexy for Him:

Honey Ale Handmade Beer Soap:

Chai Tea Handmade Soap:

Oatmeal Stout Handmade Soap Bar:

Oatmeal Stout Large and Small Soap Bar:

Hot Process Soap:  Sweet Amber Musk:

Victoria Secrets:  Love Spell:

Hot Process Soap: Oatmeal Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub (Exfoliant) Soap Bar:

Craft Show Gift Set: Aquolina's Pink Sugar 

Making Goats Milk/Carrot Unscented Soap:
No colorants or additives totally natural
This is my Goats Milk, lye already added and mixed

Fresh Puree'd Carrots for Soap

Adding the Carrots to the Goats Milk/Lye solution: 

Still adding the Carrots:

Now I stir and stir

Melting my oils for my soap

Finished Soap Batch in the mold for 24 hours:

Final Soap 

Rebatching Soap Embeds for Aquolina's Pink Sugar Soap:

Finished Soap Loaf
Yellow color is really Gold Glitter on top

Photo's of cut soap bars

Chai Tea Handmade Soap:
with Gold Glitter 

Chai Tea  Sample Cups:  Cupa Chai Tea
3 oz size topped off with "Calm Tazo Tea"

Bright Soap Loaves:  Sweet Amber Musk

Sandalwood Rose Soap Loaf 

Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime Bath Dupe:
Lavender and Chamomile with Lemon
embeds (yellow)

Lemon & Lime Soap
Lime smells just like a Life Saver's Lime candy yum!!

Dazzling Diamonds Scented Soap  in the mold:
Light and Sweet very girly

Soap bars are cut put into box to cure

Color Change after the cure

Lemon Sugar Candied Violets Handmade Soap: On the Left
Just cut and ready to cure
soap bars are not cleaned up 

Slight color change but did darken some

Various photo's of my Fruity Bliss Soap
Colored embeds are added scented in Blue Raspberry
Just a fun clean fruity scent.
I realized I did not take previous photos, so these soaps are already
packaged in shrink wrap hence the glare.