Monday, January 7, 2013

Just a little Chat

Just thought I would get on here and just say to everyone Happy 2013!!  I hope to do better this year with blogging than in the past.  So many things to do and so little time as I say.  I have had a rough time lately with being sick.   I actually missed Christmas due to being sick.  My grand babies were sick too.  Several of us had the same thing going on and I swear I did not get that close to the kids to inherit what they had, well I did get it, but it must have jumped through fences and beyond to get to me.

But I am on the mend now and have so many things going through my head on things to make that I am spinning with ideas.  I am currently waiting on my soy wax to get here today.  I have some candle ideas I want to do.  Well lets just say soy wax tarts and candle loaves.  I have been thinking about doing this for a good while and now is the time. 

I had made a ton of soy wax tarts and put them on my artfire shop.  I had mentioned that they were skin safe, and I don't think anyone "got it".  So let me say I only buy skin safe fragrances since I am a soap maker.  I invested quiet a bit of time looking for just the right soy wax that is cosmetic grade.  I had made the tarts to be either melted as a regular tart or to warm a little chunk up in the microwave on low and use as a skin oil. 

Massage candles are very expensive to buy and my thought was I can offer the customer a soy tart that is skin safe so if they wanted to try out how a massage candle would be, then this was the opportunity to do so.  I have not sold one.  I guess people forgot that I mentioned these are just a soy wax tart only skin safe.  How hard is that?  Plus maybe not such a good idea to say this but people charge quiet a bit of money for their tarts.  I never reached that capacity to charge an arm and a leg.  I am one of those who believes that a fair price is welcomed by all.  I guess if you charge so much for a tart, then is has to be good huh?  Wrong, a bargain is still a bargain either way you slice it.  Doesn't mean you have to sacrafice quality.  You just need to be a better shopper than the next.

So my plan goes back to making massage candles and charging a higher price like everyone else, and just say if you did not jump on the boat earlier then you missed it.  The boat is gone and so are the tarts.  I am not sure why this did not go over very well?  I had a regular customer who asked for a sample and I sent her some, along with her order.  Yeah for my customer she is so sweet.  At least she "got it" and wanted to try them.

So now I plan to make some candles/ candle loaves from the soy wax.  Not a new idea but I would like to think I can do something very nice with the wax.  All I can do is present my products and see where they go.  So many others out there in the market place doing the same thing, and I hope we all have a great year this year.

I will post another blog as I make the candles/loaves.  I am just thinking here and waiting for the mailman/person/lady/ whomever they are these days...  My dogs always know when they are coming, so I have to wait for them to tell me so.   Frustrating as it is our mail is never at the same time.  We get it when we get it.  This is why I love it when we get our relief person and we get our mail earlier. 

So I don't plan to make any soap today, we have our grand daughter today.  And I don't soap around the grand kids.  I am just wondering how a 3 year old can be so fast?  I wish I had the energy the little ones do. 

I will dabble with the wax today and finish my embeds up for the candles.  I can go through wax so quickly so I have to stay focused on what I will be making.  I am trying to get my new website up and running too.  So the new soaps I make will be made for the new site.  I have so much to do and I hope to make a long list to stay focused.  Being a one person show is pretty hard, and I have yet to get my husband to try and learn to sew LOL. 

So with these thoughts just know I am going to go dabble as I call it with my wax that I have here, and make some new things today.  I am not a person who just does one item like candles and tarts.  I have too many things I make, and working with wax is just one of them.   I tell people all the time that I would not put anything up for sale unless it passed my approval.  My soy is heavily scented and this is the way I like them so with that in mind just know I may sell quiet a few things, but at the age of 51 pushing 52 I have been around the block a few times, and have had to refuel along the way.  So I know pretty much what I am doing. 

I will have other announcements to make here in the near future.  So stay tuned.  You never know what you will find.

Have a wonderful new year!!  Stay safe and warm and just pray Spring comes quicker than we hope for.  I am all about better weather.  I am tired of hibernating and dodging the cold. 

Thanks to all who stop by and read my blog, your a most welcomed guest. 
Hugs Debby