Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Fragrances to drool over :)

Hi Everyone,

I am just killing some time while I wait on laundry (most women know how that is) LOL.  So I thought I would just make a post during my waiting time.

I would have to say by now after years of making soap that I come to realize I am such a fragrance oil junkie that I really think I could fall into that category of being addicted.  I hope there is never some kind of support group out there because I must admit I will not attend.  What would they call it?  FOAL?  Fragrance Oil Addicted Looser's?  Maybe: For Our Addicted Life?  Who knows but I certainly hope this never happens.

I recently participated in the Black Friday (2013) Sales and Specials of some great suppliers.  I have to admit that I did partake in some awesome deals.  So please take a look at the photos I provide and you might be able to see some great fragrances:

I bought from a company called Aztec.  I have bought fragrances from them over the years.  I've gotten some great close out  fragrances too that are either not made anymore or is listed as hard to find.  But I bought 23 new fragrances that I always wanted to try.  I guess it takes a good sale to motivate me.  But I accomplished my goals.  I really can't wait to soap these and do a one pound test batch and see how they perform.  I have found several in this batch I will definitely go back and order bigger bottles.  Anything "OAK" is awesome, so is any Moss scents I have bought.  I mean really awesome.

 Lets begin the review...

I have been wanting to expand my fragrances to gear towards more Unisex and also for the Men.
I tend to be more creative when it comes to women's scents and offering a "pretty soap", but sometimes I have a soaping block when it comes to a man's design.  Wonder why?  Who knows but I will attempt to find out my problem as I go through these scents and make up test batches to see how they perform.  I never trust what the suppliers list when it comes to how a fragrance performs since we all have our own recipes on our soap, and this is a major factor too.  But a general idea is very good to know.  I am very interested in the:
Kentucky Bourbon how awesome is this?  I mean from the bottle it's a wonderful scent so I hope it does well.  I think Men will like this scent.  Won't know until it's offered for sale?
I am a lover of Sandalwood and Patchouli earthy scents.  So I ordered the 
Sandalwood (cost revised) to see how this will soap.  Just a nice Unisex scent.  I am pretty picky about my Sandalwood so I am not sure how I will like this one.  Out of the bottle smell it's not exactly what I am looking for but then again it might turn out to be a nice scent.  
Autumn Leaves out of the bottle smells nice not sure if I would say it's in your face "autumn" scent but again I will have to soap this to find out?

Leather is an OMG scent.  Love it from the bottle so I am certain this will do well in soap.

Bamboo a nice clean scent with green notes.  This one will be very nice.  Happy with it so far.

Cool Water (type)  I've never smelled the "real" Cool Water but if it is like my sample sizes I am in love!!  It is a wonderful scent.  Happy Dance!!

Fresh Cut Grass well I did buy this fragrance from another supplier a while back and right out of the bottle it is kind of not so grassy, but I made soap and man this was a good one.  I still have some of this fragrance from the other supplier and will offer it closer to Spring I am debating to just go ahead and make some since now that it is winter, people might be longing for some Clean Spring scents.  But the Fresh Cut Grass from Aztec well the two scents don't compare that much, so I will have to wait and see.  I do know the fragrance from the other supplier once the scent cured it was amazing so maybe this one from Aztec will do the same. Time will tell??

Aloe & Green Clover another  clean fresh scent with a little of the green notes to it.  I have another Aloe scent called Juniper Aloe that is Amazing and I will keep that one in stock truly A M A Z I N G!!

Oak for Men a BBW (type) out of the bottle a very nice scent very clean.  I will be curious to get this one made.

Harvest well it has a pronounced scent of cinnamon in it.  To say it smells like an Autumn scent I am not sure on this one.  It smells nice and I only bought one bottle to try.  I am very very picky about my "fall" scents and they have to be amazing for me to keep them in stock for that time of year.  I will see how this one performs and go from there?

Frankincense & Myrrh a great to have scent for any time not just Christmas time.  It has a light clean scent and I made soy wax tarts with it earlier this year and I was impressed.

Sea Minerals WOW a very nice clean and ozone scent.  I love water scents too.  I think they are so refreshing and clean so this one I will certainly be curious to soap.
 Tobacco is a scent I've always wanted to try.  I am so grateful for the Black Friday sale and I was able to buy a few bottles of this.  It is a wonderful scent believe it or not.  Kind of woodsy earthy but very smooth.  I would recommend this scent any day.

Japanese Cherry Blossom is my all time favorite that Bath & Body works has ever done.  I have bought this from another supplier and it was amazing.  But from Aztec out of the bottle smell it's not so pronounced as my previous fragrance.  So I am a little iffy on this.  But please remember out of the bottle scents can really change drastically when soaped.  So maybe it will be a very nice one I will just have to wait and see.  Okay I have to admit something I am actually opening the bottles as I describe them and I got this one on my nose. So I am breathing in the Japanese Cherry Blossom as I speak, it does smell great.  SO please note I am changing my mind here this one might do just as well as the other one.

Oud Wood is hard to describe slightly very slightly on the earthy side, woodsy of course.  I would say this one too I will be excited to make into soap.  I've heard of this scent for a while now and I am so glad I did take the plunge to buy 2 bottles.  Just clean and manly.

Water Moss this leans towards another clean scent.  I really like this one too.  So again I will be excited to soap this fragrance.  I am just so glad I kept the men in mind when I bought new fragrances.  So I hope to offer a great variety of scents for the men.

Stress Relief definitely a spa scent for sure.  Just clean and uplifting.  This one will make a wonderful Unisex scent.  I have several "spa" type of scents so this one will be a nice scent to offer.

Bedtime Bath (J&J type) I have never tried this scent and I think it's lovely.  Refreshing and hypnotic in it's own right so yes this one is exciting to make soap with.

Brown Sugar & Fig  another (B&B Works type) which is spectacular and I now wonder why I waited so long to try this one.  I mean just about every soap makers has done this scent over the past few years.  And they are right its amazing.  So again I can't wait to try this one out.

Cucumber Melon is another one of those scents everyone has done.  I think it's a clean and refreshing scent and a main staple for many soap makers.  I have to admit due to the past few years so many soap makers have done this scent I just kind of stayed away.  It seemed a little redundant if you will.  But for me it's all new and I have not used this one.  I know what the Bath and Body Works scent smells like and yes it's definitely a great one.  Again this one is new to me so I hope to do well with this one.

Warm Vanilla Sugar is another of my ultimate favorites from Bath and Body Works.  I love love love this scent.  I've done this scent in Soy Wax Tarts but never in soap.  This one is a dead on dupe and I am very excited to try this.  Such a comfort scent in my opinion.

Oak Moss  O M G this one is heavenly.  Take my word on this one.  Happy Dance to the infinite power.
I am soaping this one today not to delay this one is to stay!!  Goofy okay I know but I love this scent and consider this a Unisex scent.  I received a sample from another supplier and I fell in love with this scent.  So I just now compared the two scents to see the difference and I would have to say the one I purchased from Aztec is super duper Golly Gee Good.  I think I will use the one from Aztec and just keep the other one until I find a way to use it, maybe in Soy Wax Tarts, but again not to say that this sample is not good it's just not as rich as the Aztec brand.

Cactus & Sea Salt is another type of Water scent in my opinion this too is like a nice ozone scent.  I think this is a very nice scent to try and I am glad I decided to buy this one too.  Water scents to me are refreshing and clean and airy if that makes sense?

These next sample bottles were not on a holiday sale I just made the purchase due to one particular fragrance oil I have found I cannot live without.  So while on the website I decided to go ahead and buy a few samples to try out.

Bergamot Tobacco a little more on the citrus line of scents I cannot detect the tobacco but I am willing to admit I would have to soap this one to figure it all out on if it is a keep or not?  No bad thoughts so far just a curious thought as to how well it will do and the final smell will be.

Bella is another one of those scents that soap makers have done a lot of in the past.  So I have to admit this is a nice sweet lightly scented oil and I hope that the scent will eventually come out in the soap and not stay on the light side.  But again we cannot do anything about this on how strong a fragrance will be only time will tell.  Crossing my fingers!  But again this is a nice nice scent.

Gaia O M G  A M A Z I N G  what does Gaia mean?  Earth or literally D I R T.  This is a dead on scent of dirt if I ever smelled it.  Now I am sure most people will say why in the heck would you want a soap to smell like dirt.  Simple it's amazing for one.  And I have a few years of Greenhouse work behind me and it just reminds me when I would stand at this table and dump a big bag of potting soil into the work table and fill my pots or flats with dirt.  It's really a soothing scent if you can believe that.  It's like working the dirt in your garden and any gardener knows this smell.  It's earthy and it's also one I chose for the Men's line.  It's stated is makes a nice hunting soap for men.  As any aromatherapy scent can bring you back to a time just from the smell, this Gaia does it  for me since I love working in the dirt and I loved my time spent at the greenhouse it was a wonderful job, no pressures, and just a relaxing job that I had.  Not to say it wasn't back breaking work it is sorry to say, but if you love plants and gardening this scent if wonderful.

Rowan is different kind of on the sweet side.  I believe this one too will make a great Unisex scent.  I am not posting any descriptions from the suppliers at this time just my first impression.  As I go along and make my test batches of soap I will include the fragrance oil description and photo's of the soap I made.  For now I am just giving first impressions of what my new samples smell like and just some general thoughts of my choices.  But Rowan is a nice scent.  I am still on the fence on this one.  I mean most of my choices I've listed above I see myself ordering a larger bottle but Rowan I will have to wait and see not sure if it will be on the list or not.  I do like it but I need to smell it in the soap to make a decision.

Suede is the bottle that is up front in the photo as you can see this one has about 1/4" of fragrance oil in the bottle.  There were no leaks at all the supplier just forgot to fill the bottle up.  You would think they would have noticed this, but as you can see they did not give it another thought.  The plus side is I emailed the company my pictures of this and she is sending me a new bottle out as we speak.  I do like this scent not my top ten but it will in my opinion be a great one for men.  I will have to decide if it does well if I will keep it around, but yes from the smell in the bottle I do like this.  Haven't seen too many soap makers use this fragrance so I am excited to see how this one does in my shop.

Patchouli Passion  I love Patchouli I know this is an strong earthy scent and most people either love it or hate it there is no in between on this scent.  I am going out on a limb here and just say that the Patchouli does not show up strong at all.  I am getting somewhat of a citrus scent in it, maybe hence the "passion" in the name. So if your a Patchouli hater this one won't be a problem.  This is certainly a mix of scents and as I said I really don't detect patchouli that much.  Have to wait to soap this one to see what it does?

Autumn Embers  This one is not a sweet Autumn scent that I like, it's more of a piney scent and I think this one will be a great choice as a Christmas scent and a men's scent.  I would definitely buy this one as a Christmas scent next year.  It's clean with pine but not a bold pine.  Men might appreciate this one more I think my husband would like this one.

Ancient Incense   O M G   I think this one is earthy but not on the strong side and a little on the incense side if that makes any sense.  I do believe this one after I soap it and it retains that wonderful scent I will buy a larger bottle.  I really like this one.  I think of course this one is also a Unisex scent.  But I do feel Men will love this one.

Barn Wood this is a wonderful rich aroma it's kind of woodsy sweet.  I am sure the description for this is not going to say that, but to me its a rich fresh and slightly woodsy scent.  I did order an 8 oz bottle of this since I always wanted to try this one.  It's Unisex in my opinion and I like to have a variety of these scents to offer. So if this one does well it will last me a while and I can offer this one throughout the year.  I don't have a photo of this bottle to show.

Well this is my review for now.  I think I made some wonderful choices.  I can't wait to do another sale when the time comes from Aztec since I had to really limit the amount I could buy.  They gave us a 50 bottle limit. So I had to keep within that limit.  They have some others that  I want to try and hopefully I will get to.  I've heard  they have a 4th of July sale which I know is a long way off from now, but I can purchase my Fall and Winter scents then and at Christmas do another Spring and Summer buy.  Sounds good to me.

Again just to mention I will do the one pound batches of soap and see how these do.  I will offer my bars on my website as I go along and also post another review on these fragrances. I think I've found some amazing scents that are exciting to offer my customers.  So with saying this I need to stop and go wash off my nose.

I have so many scents on the tip of my nose I am smelling some good stuff here.  Combined with all the scents I've smelled I would have to say the air around here is a nice aroma. I hope this helps if you are reading this post and decide to try any of these scents.  I hope you stay tuned for the follow post on the test batches.  Again ask any questions you may have.

Have a great day!!  Thanks for stopping by!!