Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coffee Soap with Cinnamon & Sugar Yum!!

Here is my latest soap.  It is a Coffee soap with natural coffee grounds.  This soap is not scented with any coffee fragrance oil when it comes to the coffee scent. I used fresh coffee grinds and the smell held very nice.  I also added some of the thick coffee oil I made when I made the coffee butter.  So this is the only coffee scent it has which again is very natural.  The lighter middle part is scented with Cinnamon Sugar fragrance oil.  This is a cold process soap and I kind of wish it wasn't as dark as it is.  It doesn't look too appealing to me.  But it smells amazing.  I am going to make a note of this and try another coffee soap and try and make the coloring differently.  I also added some coffee butter in the topping of the soap.  And whole coffee beans on top.
This is a exfolating bar of soap. 

Below is just some photos I took as you can see it's not very colorful.  I tired many ways to get a good photo and today is a nice sunny day outside.  So I wonder why it still looks drab.  Maybe I am being too harsh on myself.  They do look better in natural daylight, which I obviously did not get on film. 

Just wanted to make a quick post and put the soap up on my blog.  They weigh over 4 oz each.  Which when they dry and cure might be right at 4 oz.  I need to clean them up a little around the edges and get them up to the curing rack.
Until next time.........


  1. I think they look really great. I have been wanting to make a coffee soap but everyone keeps telling me I can't get a coffee scent without using a FO. Well you just proved them wrong.. ha ha... Good job!! I wish I could touch and smell it.. lol :)

  2. Hi Kim, you know what I have to say I am so sorry. I haven't been the best at keeping up with my blogging and decided just today I am going to do better. I honestly had forgot all about having a blog since I did not use it on a daily basis. It occurred to me today OMG I do have a blog, and I do need to do better. Thank you for your comment and again I thank you for subscribing and make it my goal now to do better at what I had started. Debby