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Fragrance Oils & Descriptions

Just a few things I feel I need to keep track of.  This is "some" not all of the oils I have used, this list is never ending.  Many suppliers will discontinue a fragrance oil and I try to make sure I keep a hard copy of scent descriptions.  I have experienced many fragrances that I cannot find a description on.  So I feel that I should keep this blog going for a scent description.  It is so unnerving to have a fragrance and can't find the scent description anymore.  So this is basically what this blog is about.  I hope it can help someone else out too when they might have a scent they need to reference. 


there is a big percentage of fragrance oils that contain a vanilla content. This cannot be avoided due to the make up of a certain scent. Most vanilla will darken or discolor a soap. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. For example the Victoria Secrets Pink Sugar dupe will discolor to a really dark brown. You can’t change this in anyway. I use some of my soap batch and color it pink and swirl pink in with the soap blend. I do not scent the pink colored soap to give it some highlights and add some contrast to the soap. Please beware of this it happens more than not. So please inquire if this will discolor or not so you know what to expect. I did not take the time to explain this in the description.

Men’s Fragrance Oils-

Black Tie Affair-
fragrance begins with top notes of Kaffir lime, lemon, and ozonic notes; followed by middle notes of basil, black pepper, and cucumber; sitting on base notes of vetiver and spice. This is a very sexy scent. I have several 16 oz bottles in stock and love this scent. This is a Discontinued Fragrance Oil and I am extremely lucky to get a few bottles in stock.  

Blue Sugar(type)-compaired to the popular Aquolina Blue Sugar.
A Wonderful harmony of caramelized sugar and vanilla blended with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean. The heart of the fragrance is rich with energetic notes of licorice, patchouli, lavender, and coriander, freshened with crisp bergamot and mandarin, and finished with soothing notes of anise. Blue Sugar is a fragrance of contrasts - fun and effervescent, yet supremely masculine. Only one bottle in stock about  

Bay Rum-
Resinous bay leaves infused in the mellow woody smell of rum that has been aged and matured for months in wooden kegs. The quintessential cologne aftershave lotion scent, this fragrance is all about exotic spices - Allspice, Capers, Cloves, Nutmeg and mix with Crushed Orange, Crisp Pine Needles and just a touch of Patchouli and Vanilla to add a deep base note for staying power.

Barbershop 1920-
Heart notes of amber and rum with a light top note of musk and Bay make this irresistible! If you are a Bay Rum lover, you’ll be surprised at how this fragrance oil is clean and fresh. Beautiful!!

Madagascar Spice-
If you all love Oriental Seduction you will flip over Madagascar Spice. This delightful blend is all those exotic spices rounded out with a very smooth vanilla. I detect subtle notes of saffron, allspice, nutmeg, clove, and more. Men especially like this complex and spicy blend. Some have reported aphrodisiac effects on their significant other.  

Mayan Gold-
This luxurious fragrance is a mix of rare woods, spices and amber. It is considered an oriental fragrance with a very unique note: chocolate! This fragrance blend contains a large amount of essential oils (Sandalwood, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, Neroli) along with synthetic notes of Vanilla, Chocolate and Musk.

Dragons Blood-
This smells just like the resin you'll find in New Age and health food stores. A soothing oriental blend of orange, rose, and carnation on a warm exotic dry down of patchouli and creamy vanilla. (Vanilla haters, take heart, you can't smell vanilla!)
Great Unisex scent.

Mambo for Men-
was created by Liz Claiborne in 2001. Mambo Cologne by Liz Claiborne is a zesty blend of bergamot, lime, sage, thyme, cinnamon leaf, cumin, cedarwood, patchouli, musks, sandalwood, and fir balsam. Very Very Sexy.

Earth Musk-
sensual and alluring clean scent. Earth Musk-this deep, hearty scent is comprised mainly of Amber and Vetivert. Good Unisex scent.   

Patchouli Dusk-
This fragrance is a straight Patchouli fragrance with the traditional deep, sensual, almost dirt-like aroma. Good Unisex scent. The cost of Patchouli has steeply gone up and this oil is now very expensive to buy. Just one ounce of this fragrance cost $6.40 for one ounce so this will be more of an expense to you. Well worth it if you love the scent of Patchouli.

Fresh Cut Grass-
Fresh, green, and summery. The scent of a newly mown lawn. Can be a Unisex scent.   

Various fragrances:
(these are not for sale)
Listing is what I have soaped or will soap.

Flannel Sheets-
fragrance oil is a fresh linen and clean cotton type that will leave you smiling. This scent has the beautiful aroma of fresh clothes just pulled from a sun drenched drying line and has been a consistent top seller for many years.

Flower Child-
Everyone digs this groovy scent! Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Ylang Ylang, Musk, Violet, Cedarwood, and Vanilla notes round out this cool, far out fragrance. A hippy scent but a fun one!!

Welcome Home-
This is honestly one of the BEST scents we've ever smelled! Toasted graham crackers, vanilla frosting, creamy caramel, and juicy raisins. This scent is perfect all around.

Mandarin Twist-
A tangy mandarin orange and fruit blend with a Cabernet wine essence and undertones of designer perfume. This is NOT a tutti-frutti type scent. This fragrance is a very sensual, sophisticated scent. It is very unusual and alluring. It is an absolute MUST HAVE for your spring and summer soap.  

Honeysuckle & White Patchouli (type)- Victoria's Secret type 
a beautiful, soothing blend of fragrant Chinese honeysuckle and relaxing patchouli. This sophisticated feminine scent is absolutely divine in a warm and indulgent way.  

Of a Woman (FES)-
This wildly feminine fragrance is a sweet bouquet of lavender, wild jasmine, peony and wildflowers resting on a base of warm musk and exotic woody notes.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla-
A luscious blend of raspberries, strawberries, coconut lemon, peach and vanilla.     

Monkey Love-the best way to describe this scent is the candy called Runts. Which is just a blend of hard fruity candies. This fragrance oil is a banana scent and it is absolutely wonderful. It smells just like a banana runt candy. If you love bananas this is a scent you will love!!  

Butt Naked-
This fragrance is a fruity Pineapple fragrance with coconut notes. It has a sweet baked vanilla base note.  

Red Lipstick-
A sassy scent that lives up to its name! Notes of dark sweet cherry, violet, sweet coumarin, pink raspberry, light brown sugar, cotton candy, sensual musk, and a hint of French crème and tonka bean. This fragrance oil is sweet, sassy and fun!

Sandalwood Vanilla-
There's something about the smell of Vanilla that brings to mind the innocent pleasures of childhood. But there's nothing innocent about this fragrance! It's a sensuous assault on your senses! While the strong notes of Vanilla are as rich creamy as they should be, their purity is complimented by the sexy scent of West Indian Sandalwood. The end result is a fabulous, and rather intoxicating provocative blend. 

Calabrian Bergamot & Violet-
A fabulous hidden treasure from the heart of Tuscany! The lavish floral heart pairs sweet bergamot and delicate violet with no perfume undertones - it's a fresh, gentle breeze from a lush Italian oasis. The middle notes of sparkling citron and fresh pear are seated upon a delicate base of soft sandalwood. A beautiful soft undertone to round out the florals, I can blend with a hint of Vanilla Bean....really! 

Grannies Green Apples-
Just think of biting into a crisp, juicy Granny Smith apple. Sweet green apple with a touch of tart and peel. Smells just like the real thing!  

24 Carat-
Sparkling bergamot, orchid and rose dance on top of sandalwood and sensual amber in this warm, fuzzy fragrance.  

Aqua Floral-
No scent description available. I will describe it this way: I smell Pears, fruity, clean and fun. Not a bad scent. Would make a nice Summer fresh scent.

Warm vanilla blended with sparking fresh orange. A summer classic that smells fabulous all year round.

Applejack & Peel (Type): Claire Burke Type.
This smells just like the yummiest apple you have ever had the privilege of eating and then some. It has hot and spicy top notes of cinnamon and cloves rounding down to the mellow scent of red apples. Men love this one! It is especially popular during the fall and winter months when all anyone wants to do is cuddle up in front of the fire!

Cream Cheese Frosting-
Other sugar loving notes in this fragrance are freshly churned butter, buttercream, cream cheese and an intriguing finish note of butterscotch for a warm and smooth after-note.  
Oatmeal Milk & Honey-
Blended with utmost care, this is the perfect melding of three fabulous scents. Sweet and toasty, this is one soap that you'll want to take a bite out of! This is one of our absolutely best seller.  

This is a great, delicate floral with no other top notes. Just a straight violet that smells like your English grandmother.  

Tropical Vacation-
A mix of mango, coconut and pineapple rolled into one sweet scent. Men and women both go crazy for this scent. It's one you won't want to miss! Has been
said it smells just like Bath and Body works "true blue" Tahiti Sweetie!  

Spellbound Woods-
Talk about a wonderfully sexy scent- this is it! Spellbound Woods is a blend of Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood and the barest hint of light floral on the dry down. Can be considered a Unisex scent.  

Chocolate Orange-
I love this scent. A nice true chocolate scent mixed with orange. The scent just reminds me of the holidays, but it is really perfect for any old day. It is truly mouth watering.  

Frosted Raspberry Clover Tea-
this is a special blend of Candy Cane and Raspberry Clover Tea. It smells strongly of the raspberry with a zing to it. Should be very refreshing in the shower.  

Amber Romance-One of the Victoria's Secret Garden Collection favorites! Another Victoria's Secret Temptation in a bottle! Sensual, seductive, alluring blend of smoky black cherry, Creme Anglaise, and sandalwood, with a smooth dry down of warming, sensual amber and an Egyptian Musk end note. The slightest hint of vanilla bean anchors the musk note to soften the impact and entice you to take another sniff! Beloved by both men and women! A sultry, mood-warming blend, with mildly aphrodisiac qualities. 

A bracing blend of "clean" from European spas. Badedas is a classic blend reserved for body washes in the spas of Germany, France, and Belgium. This scent is an upscale blend of fresh, invigorating leafy greens& florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk. A brilliant, invigorating, and sparkling scent that will make you feel romantic throughout the evening. This is beautiful one of my favorite scents!!!!

Bayberry-traditional Christmas bayberry scent. "Sweet French Herbs" is also a name we might give it in soap or candle tarts.

Cashmere Mist (type)-Inspired by DKNY (Donna Karan, New York).
A refreshing, woody, arid scent blending fresh floral jasmine with sandalwood and vanilla. Very feminine! This is a hot process soap only due to complications with fragrance oil.  

Fashioned from a ritzy hand-blended boutique perfume. This fragrance is everything from childhood, and more! If you have children and have ever rested your chin on the top of their warm little heads and sniffed the sweet smell of a well-loved child, you have an idea of the nature of this scent. It is based on a bouquet of the most exotic, rare wild flowers background, with notes of caramel and musk on the dry down. It is indescribably innocent and naughty!  

Chocolate Nut Brownie-
This fabulous fragrance smells JUST like you are baking brownies with fresh nuts. The scent is so real that you can even taste the chocolate & nuts. Your neighbors will be dropping by to ask you for the recipe. This is a chocoholics delight!

Christmas Fantasy-
Smells like a combination of ribbon candy, spiced tea, a hint of cinnamon, and a flower shop at Christmas.  

Toasted Marshmallow-
A fragrance oil so true to its name! Imagine a marshmallow on a stick, just slightly toasted by the fire.

Coconut Cream Easter Egg-
We can't believe that there's actually a fragrance that captures the smell of a gooey centered, Cadbury egg....but there is! Mmm! Perfect at Easter and year 'round. Sweet scent but not sickly sweet.  

Crystal Blue Waters-
Imagine your own private getaway on a lush tropical isle of white sand and crystal blue waters. This scent will whisk you away to that place. The aroma is a fusion of fresh salty air, bouquets of exotic flowers, hints of citrus and sea kelp, and an undertone of white lily musk. Close your eyes and smell - you can dig your toes in the sand and feel the sea lapping gently on your feet. This is beautiful, and incredible, and quite honestly blew me away!   

Coconut Lime Verbena-
is a beautiful lime accord sat upon a gentle base of coconut and tart citrus notes. Wispy hints of lemon verbena tie it all together. Does not have a suntan-lotion note to be found! This is a deceptively formulated fragrance oil.

Crystal Blue Waters-
Imagine your own private getaway on a lush tropical isle of white sand and crystal blue waters. This scent will whisk you away to that place. The aroma is a fusion of fresh salty air, bouquets of exotic flowers, hints of citrus and sea kelp, and an undertone of white lily musk. Close your eyes and smell - you can dig your toes in the sand and feel the sea lapping gently on your feet. This is beautiful, and incredible, and quite honestly blew me away!  

No description available. From my point of view it is a woman’s scent. Fruity and Floral. I think it would make a superb soap. Feminine scent.

Gingerbread- A delicious, warm Gingerbread with notes of buttery vanilla, raisins, spices, and ginger.  

Introduced in 2001 and later discontinued as a perfume on the market, this now hard-to-find fine fragrance will blow your mind! Top notes of sweet pineapple & bergamot leads to a soft floral blend of white cedar, passion fruit, peony, woody violet & night blooming jasmine. The dry down is a sweet balsam, rare amber, sandalwood & musk. This fragrance oil is expensive to buy due to the company could not find a supplier to buy from and they had to re-make the original perfume scent which is costly to do. Beautiful scent.

Do you love Theirry Mugler's Angel? This is the scent for you! Interlude is a dead on dupe - All the romance, love, and passion that is in the perfume is also in this Fragrance Oil. Notes of soft, sweet woods and florals balanced by citrus and tropical fruits underscored by patchouli. Powerful scent.

Pink Sugar-
The much-sought-after duplication of Pink Sugar, Aquolina's runaway hit perfume! Top notes of smooth Jamaican vanilla and caramel are chased by Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig leaves, Licorice, Strawberry Candy, Barbe-a-Papa, and musk with a dry down of Lily of the Valley, rich woods, and delicate powder. This is a very complex fragrance, at once childlike, playful, and mischievous.... with a touch of irresistible romance.  

Sweet Amber Musk-
A deeply sensual and erotic scent, this is an emotional fragrance that invites you to sniff again and again. This oil smells EXPENSIVE! This scent smells to me a little more floral than just the Amber I have. Just a little more to it, to make it sexy. I love the womanly scent.

is a Japanese citrus. Our version is traditional with wonderful sparkling overtones of grapefruit, citron, and a hint of mandarin orange.  

Apple Butter-
Just as the nane describes a really nice apple butter scent. Dead on dupe.
Must be hot processed when soap making.

Hot Cocoa-
I can smell the rich chocolate cocoa in this bottle. Hard to soap so this would be a hot process soap if my last resort.  

Brown Sugar-
just as it states smell dead on.  

Bergamot Rosewood-
Rich spices, warm earth and soothing woody tones combine for this enchanting blend. Orange and mandarin lift the heart of ginger, cinnamon and patchouli to create a sensual tone. Traces to geranium and jasmine add texture to the spiced blend, as a wood complex dramatizes the composition. Finishing touches of golden amber and soft vanilla bean complete the autumn sensation. Very nice scent I love Bergamot so this is such an nice rounded scent.

Vanilla Bean-
The yummiest vanilla fragrance oil you can imagine. Very popular fragrance! Rich and smooth, very warm. It does have a buttery scent and so rich.  

The clean, fresh scent of a cool mountain stream. A rich clean scent. I am so glad I took a chance on this fragrance. Well worth it.  

Woodstock '69-
The ultimate hippie fragrance blend! A rich, beautiful blend, with an earthy hint of patchouli and sweet smell of nag champa. I absolutely love this blend.  

White Linen-Estee Lauder dupe-
A classic and sophisticated perfume. Blend is comprised of citrus, peach and rose with jasmine and lily. This is definitely a feminine scent so pretty and just smells expensive. Worth trying!! Worth having!!  

Another Estee Lauder type. Crisp citrus notes and plums with a base of mixed florals, including rose and jasmine. This is classic and womanly, not a "frilly" scent at all.  

Cherry Blossom-
A bright floral reminiscent of spring's first blossoms bathed in soft sunlight. Aromatic Notes: Smells like Cherry Blossom Flowers. Just a little on the sweet side.

Got Milk? (type)-
Just love at first sniff; this version of this fragrance can be easily one the best comforting fragrances in the market. This sophisticated milky fragrance is a wonderful combination of sweet and creamy fresh milk notes, wrapped in fluffy clouds of delicate powdery notes with a warm soft background of pristine florals and sweet buttery musks. All the nice sweet cream notes of the fragrance stay in the soap perfectly with no acceleration problems and discolors only to a creamy light tan.  

Lime Cooler-
this smells just like the life saves (green) lime candy. Identical!! It smells clean and refreshing and very nice lime scent. If you love fruity scents this one is for you!!    

White Chocolate Cherries-
this is a discontinued fragrance oil. If I were to give my opinion on this one I would say it is very sweet scented and smells more like Almonds which would be like the Jergens lotion that has that clean Almond scent. I have soaped this before and the soap turns a light tan but the scent is really nice.   

Banana Raspberry-
this is a discontinued fragrance oil. I love this fresh fruity scent. Both are strong in banana and raspberry. Great combination. This does rice in soap so this has to be a hot processed soap.   

Harvest Moon-
Top Notes: Orange Oil, Pumpkin, Accord. Middle Notes: Nectarine, Hay Accord, Nutmeg. Base Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla.  
Larger quantities of fragrance oils:

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific-
first became available in the mid 1970's and it was an instant winner! The women loved it! Why? Because men loved the smell! No wonder people’s hair smelled so terrific! GYHST shampoo and conditioner were instant successes, especially because of the heavy TV advertising campaign that brought around a lot of fans for the products!

By the mid-1980's the products disappeared from the store shelves. Jergens had discontinued manufacturing the product. After that, the only place in the world where the items were still available was in the Philippines! Jergens had licensed the product to a manufacturer in the Philippines, and up until today the product has remained available for purchase there!
So, if you remember that wonderful, fragrant shampoo from back during your childhood, why not get some soap made, You won’t regret it!   

Verbena Berry-
Verbena is a lemon scent in case you did not know. Lemon and Berry scent is so pretty in soap. A clean fruity scent.  Discontinued

this is a fragrance oil and it is not like the essential oil scent or herbal scent. More of a sweeter Lavender. Very pretty mixed with Lemon.    Discontinued

Persimmon Fruit-

I know this doesn’t sound like something great but trust me when I soaped this is was a beautiful floral fruity scent. I liked it so much I bought two bottles.


Reminiscent of the divine scent of ambergris, a sweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones. This is a very nice fragrance to soap, and the smell is intoxicating  Discontinued

Voodoo Love-

"A unique, mysterious floral fragrance! Very clean and smooth. This one is said by many to smell just like a fresh cut yellow rose!" The rose scent is in the background. You can faintly smell it. This is a nice romantic floral scent. I was really surprised when I bought my first bottle and had to buy another one.


again I had to buy more than one bottle of this fragrance, it is absolutely beautiful, romantic, feminine, fresh and clean. If the color of pink had a fragrance it would be this one.    Discontinued

Autumn Afternoon-

OMG what can I say this is another Discontinued scent you will only find here. This is a beautiful Fall scent it is fresh and it just smells oh so good. I had to buy 3 bottles of this one it was that good!!   

Honeysuckle Peach-

just as the name describes. It is so fresh and fruity and clean. What a great choice this was!!
Satin Sheets-
A OMG truly romantic, seductive blend. With base notes of white and dark chocolate, it smells almost edible! Other notes include violet, fresh jasmine, musk, blackberries, vanilla, and just a hint of fresh green top notes. Again this is a feminine scent so beautiful and makes the most wonderful smelling soap. I have stocked up on this one.  

Strawberries & Champagne (type)-a Victoria Secrets fragrance.
A popular fragrance from VS, this interpretation is dead on -- a fresh aquatic, yet lightly fruited strawberry, grapes, and sparkling wine in an base of aquatic accord. One of my favorites. Such a pretty womanly scent. A must have!!  

Dazzling Diamonds-
A soft yet crisp white flower scent with exotic ingredients like Amazon lily, Egyptian tuberose, Turkish rose and Italian orris. Patchouli, amber and sandalwood add a rich and sensual brilliance. Sophisticated and upscale smelling. A womanly scent you will love. I love this one very much!!   

Lemon Sugar & Candied Violets-
Amazing! This scent is gorgeous! It is true to it’s name! Hint of lemon sugar with sweet, sticky notes of candied violets. This scent has just a touch of perfume to give it an added “upscale” note. Beautiful for the summer months.

French Vanilla Crunch-
Delicious is the best way to describe this scent! Creamy, crunchy vanilla! So very vanilla with hints of yummy crunchy goodness! Does not soap well, but can be used in other products.  Discontinued

Pralines & Cream-

Toasted pecans, caramelized brown sugar, and vanilla! What more could you ask for? Delicious combination.  Discontinued

Woodland Orange Spice-
Deep blend of balsam, fresh orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Perfect for cool fall nights. Beautiful scent if you like a fall scent.  

Chanel No.5-
described as "the world's most legendary fragrance". Chanel No. 5 was the first fragrance from Parisian couturier Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, and has been on sale continually since its introduction in 1921. It has been described as "the world's most legendary fragrance", and remains the company's most famous perfume.The company estimates that a bottle is sold worldwide every 55 seconds.  

Passionate Kisses (type)-Victoria SecretsA playful fragrance which is alluring, energetic, and fun. This fragrance begins with top notes of raspberry, blackberry, and fresh strawberries. Followed by mid notes of coconut milk and freshly picked roses. Ending in bottom notes of Egyptian vanilla and amber musk.   
Amazing Grace (type)-Philosophy dupe-You want a scent that makes you feel like a girl, ... Embrace your beauty, and express your femininity with amazing grace fragrance. Amazingly clean, beautifully feminine scent. ...An elusive clean,floral blend with notes of delicate flower blossoms including jasmine, violet and rose grounded in a very sensual but sheer musk. A very accurate dupe of the philosophy fragrance.

Karma Sutra Misbehavin’-A flirtatious, fruity, sexy fragrance. A tantalizing aroma of sweet juicy candied apples and pomegranate, with nuances of fresh ivy and oakmoss. This is another clean scent that is just right. Beautiful!!

Chance by Chanel-Chance (type)
perfume inspired by Chanel ...
notes of white musk, hyacinth and citron, pink pepper, jasmine, fresh vetiver, orris absolute and amber patchouli. Although familiar, these raw materials are perceived in a completely original way, due to the unexpected accord, which gives the fragrance its unique character.

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