Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recent random soap

I admire so many bloggers who can keep up with daily entries on their blogs.  Time runs away from me so quickly.  I guess I have not learned to be more focused.   All in due time.  What I have done was to make soap during my absence.  So I will share a few photo's of them.

My goal when making my Carrot & Goat Milk Soap was to be like everyone else.  I really really really wanted to make my soap in that single beautiful orange color.  Simple and clean .  I love that look and for me I tend to have a very hard time just making soap with one single color.  I looked at my options still holding firm this was going to be one color and my thoughts twisted and here is what became of my one single color soap:

My after thought?  I can live with it now.  It turned out displaying my orange but the white represents the Goat Milk in the soap.  Best of both worlds I suppose.  I love working with Goat Milk and this soap I left unscented.  My bar soap is a large bar in size and most people who use handmade soap will know to cut
the bars in half for easy use.  I always cut my bars in half and this way I can change out my bars or scents quiet often.

My next soap I made is called Chai Tea.  It has a light scent.  This was such a delight to make everything went so smoothly.  I do know where I mess up if you will.  I added some gold glitter to the top and it now looks like I sprinkled yellow on top.  You can see the edges are showing a yellow color.  I have used gold glitter so many times and never have had this effect.  I think soap makers can easily pick apart all that is disturbing to them.  But in reality maybe others do like the look?  I did add some real loose tea on top.  Which if your reading this and unfamiliar with additives on top of soap, all of the dazzling effect wash off the soap so it's just eye candy if you will.  

In making the Chai Tea soap bars I had decided to make some in the form of a cup of Chai Tea:
You can see the loose tea on top.  I used the small plastic 3 oz cup for my mold.  They popped out with no problem at all.  They did cure and I used new cups to put the soap into.  I had never used this process before but do recommend anyone if your curious yes try this method.  To use just cut in half.

I had a busy day with soap making and I had some Aquolina's Pink Sugar soap that I had shredded up.  I wanted to add some character to my next soap batch.  All of my Pink Sugar soap in the past was always so dark as it will do when the colors changes due to the fragrance oil.  Here I was able to keep the soap from getting that rich dark brown most of us come to know:

What I love about this soap is how the shreds make the whole soap pop.  I could not have even guessed it would turn out this way.  The brown areas which actually should have been so very dark brown, stayed more on the dark side of tan.  I did use that gold glitter again, and this last photo will show the yellow type color coming through.  It really isn't that sharp in color as captured on the photo.  It doesn't look bad  to see the soap in person, but maybe I am just taking this gold glitter too hard.  

Lastly I want to show my last soap of the day.  I am not happy with this one at all.  I had bought some new colorants and when I purchased it I had long forgot what the description had stated.  The colorant stated it would either stay this beautiful blue or could change to a purple.  So I got the purple.  That was my fault and I try not to mess up, but with color morphing you have no control.  I also had a pink color which again morphed into a peach color.  I have two colors in life I do not like whatsoever.  They are peach and mauve.
So when my soap took on the peach color I knew I would have this dislike for the soap but the scent that I used is so pretty and feminine that I am still to this day trying to like this soap.  I am going to remake the scent I used into another soap so I am not sure if anyone else will like the colors?  Take a look:

Enough said.
I will say that even though I am not happy with this outcome.  I do want to stress that the fragrance is 
AM A Z I N G!!!  Sometimes the ugly duck turns into a beautiful swan.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little post of what I have been up to lately.  I just got in a shipment of more supplies and happily so.  I ran out of some of my most important ingredients.  Now I have to figure out my new adventure. 

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